Instructions for completing the ACC Change Request Form

The Oakleigh Homeowner Association Architectural Control Committee requests that all required documentation be submitted at one time. Any application received that does not contain all required documentation will be returned to the homeowner unprocessed.

  1. Please PRINT legibly in BLACK ink.
  2. Give the complete homeowner name.
  3. Give the complete address of the home for which the modifications are being requested. Please make note if the owner’s mailing address is different from the home address where the modifications are being requested.
  4. Complete the entire application, sign and date the form.
  5. For minor modifications, submit a site plan, to scale, showing exact location of modification being requested in relation to property lines. Include a drawing, product brochure, or description of the planned addition.
  6. For moderate or major modifications, please enclose two copies of the following with your request:
    • A site plan, to scale, showing exact location of modification being requested in relation to the property lines. A State of Georgia registered survey plat clearly showing property lines, existing improvements, and proposed modification(s). Please show exact location of modification(s) being requested in relation to your property lines. Existing fences, decks, walkways, driveways, etc. should also be indicated.
    • A brief description of the modification, drawings, exterior elevations, floor plan, detail of materials to be used, pictures, catalog pages, brochures, or color samples must be included.
  7. It is recommended that homeowners check with the County Building & Inspections Department to obtain necessary permits and building code information.
  8. Important: Send application form and any and all documentation to Dennis Weyenberg, ACC Director or email at .

Note: The material on this page has been provided by the Oakleigh Homeowners Association (OHA) and is published on this website at the request of the OHA. Please direct all content related questions to the Board of Directors at .