Summary of Architectural Guidelines and Covenants

Revised April 2010 per new covenants

This is a summary of the Oakleigh Architectural Control Guidelines and Covenants. For exact details, please consult the covenants. The form for requesting approval from the Architectural Control Committee can be downloaded from this site as well as the instructions for completing the form.

  • Antennae: Satellite dishes/antennae must be located at the rear or side of a Lot, dwelling or other structure unless it is impossible to receive an acceptable quality signal from such location. Satellite dishes/antennae may not exceed one (1) meter (39.37 inches) in diameter.
  • Basketball: Basketball goals are acceptable subject to the approval of location and colors of board and post.
  • Changes and Redecorating: Should a homeowner wish to make changes to the pre-approved plans or exterior colors, or make additions or changes of any kind to the proposed or existing structure or landscaping, or repaint any part of the house, all such items are to be submitted to the ACC for approval.
  • Gas Lamps: Signature gas lamps are required. They must be maintained in working condition but are not required to be lit.
  • Landscaping: No alterations to the existing landscaping shall take place without prior approval by the ACC. All such additions or changes are to be submitted in the form of a plan with specifications of materials and proposed timeframe of completion.
  • Mailboxes: All mailboxes and posts shall be the style and color as originally provided by the developer.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Flood lighting or any other outside lighting with high intensity and overly bright lamps is prohibited. Indirect and low level surface lighting, which will not offend neighbors, is suggested.
  • Playground Equipment & Outbuildings: Recreational and playground equipment must be located in the rear yard only, and be constructed of wood with natural wood color. All such equipment and its location must be submitted for approval to the ACC.
  • Pool and Spa Equipment, Deck, Greenhouses: Plans for approved swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, green houses, dog houses, outbuildings, fencing and screening must be submitted for approval before construction begins.
  • Recreational Vehicles: No commercial vehicle, house trailer, mobile home, camper, boat, or trailer or other like equipment shall be permitted on any lot on a permanent basis, but shall be allowed on a strictly temporary basis not to exceed 72 hours.
  • Storm Windows and Screens: Storm windows and doors will be approved provided they are factory painted and anodized in a color to be approved by the ACC. At the rear of the house, porch screens must be black. Silver finish storm windows, doors or screen material is prohibited.
  • Security Signs: All security signs placed in the front of homes must be purchased from Oakleigh.
  • Waste Disposal: Waste disposal and collection will be contracted to one common company, chosen and approved by the Oakleigh HOA.
  • Yard Art: Additions to the normal existing landscape such as bird baths, statues, water and fish ponds, benches, rock or brick borders and the like are prohibited in the front and side yards.

Note: The material on this page has been provided by the Oakleigh Homeowners Association (OHA) and is published on this website at the request of the OHA. Please direct all content related questions to the Board of Directors at .