Oakleigh Homeowners Association
Request for Architectural Change/Addition


Date Submitted: _______________________________

Owner Name(s): ______________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________ Lot #: ______

Home phone: ______________________ Work phone: ______________________________

Description of improvement proposed: (please include architectural drawings, sketches, pictures, contractor's specification, site plans, list materials, etc. if applicable): ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Proposed start date: ______________ Proposed completion date: ______________

If work is not started within six (6) months, another form must be submitted to the AC Committee.

Remember to allow appropriate time for approval. In most cases approval should be within two weeks. However, please allow up to 30 days for approval.

Important notice: For your protection, inquire with the city, county, and/or any other government agencies regarding required permits before starting any work on your property involving new construction, alterations, or additions (etc.). Approval of any structure or architectural change/addition by the AC Committee is in no way a certification that the structure or architectural change/addition has been built in accordance with governmental rules and regulations or that the structure complies with such building practice or design requirements.

Approved: ________________________________ Denied: ___________________________

Approved with stipulation(s): Yes _____________ No: ____________

Nature of stipulation(s): _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Signature(s) of approval: _________________ Date Approved: ____________________

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