Emergency Contacts

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NameEmergency NumberNon-Emergency Number
Fire Dept.911770.528.5611
Poison Control Center404.616.9000
Other Emergencies911770.499.3911
Colonial Pipeline800.926.2728678.762.2255

Emergency Preparedness

Do you know how to protect your family in a regional or national emergency?

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Immediately after a regional emergency, essential services may be cut off and goverment responders may not be able to reach you right away. The following publications contain valuable information on how to prepare for different emergencies:

  • The American Red Cross has a wealth of information on how to prepare for all kinds of disasters at home, work, or school. The information is publicly available in their Get Prepared web page.
  • The Georgia Emergency Management Agency has created an award-winning Ready Georgia App to help you prepare for disasters and emergencies. (The app is free of charge!) The agency also has a downloadable Family Emergency Plan and many useful Preparedness Videos viewable on their website.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a free online manual titled "Are You Ready?" that includes emergency planning checklists, and a Family Communications Plan.
  • The Cobb County Emergency Management Agency offers a Citizen's Action Guide with useful advice on how to prepare for various emergencies.

Tornado Safety

Did you know?

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Many people confuse the meaning of a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning. Here is the difference:

  • A Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop. It is normally issued for 4 to 6 hours and includes many counties. Be alert to changing weather conditions, and be prepared to take cover at short notice, as tornadoes can occur with little or no warning. Listen to local radio and TV stations for further updates.
  • A Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted, or a developing tornado has been reported by trained spotters or indicated on Doppler radar. A warning is typically issued for a small area for less than an hour. If a tornado warning is issued in your area ... take cover immediately!

Here in Cobb County, if you hear an emergency siren, you should take immediate action and tune in to local TV or radio stations for weather updates (WSB-TV2, WAGA-TV5, WXIA-TV11, WGCL-TV46, WSB-750AM).

Want to learn more?

These sites offer additional information on tornado prepardness:


Petroleum Pipeline Safety

Reprinted from the Colonial Pipeline Public Awareness Brochure

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What to do if a leak occurs

In the unlikely event of a pipeline leak, your personal safety is the first priority. Residents should be aware of the following basic actions and precautions:

  • Do not make contact with the escaped product
  • Leave the area immediately and alert others in the vicinity, if necessary.
  • Avoid creating sparks or sources of heat that could cause the liquid and/or vapors to ignite. Do not light a cigarette, start any engine, use a telephone, or even switch on or off an electric light.
  • Turn off any running machinery.
  • If you happen upon a leak or vapor cloud while in an automobile, do not drive into the area. Proceed cautiously away from the area.
  • Once clear of the area, immediately notify your local Fire Department and the Colonial Pipeline Control Center toll-free at 1-800-926.2728.

How do I recognize a leak?

Pipeline accidents are extremely rare. Residents along or in the vicinity of a pipeline need to be able to recognize this:

  • Petroleum product patches on the ground or a sheen on water if near a river, stream, or lake.
  • Spots of dead vegetation.
  • Unusual noises coming from a pipeline or near a marker, A leak can make a hissing or roaring sound depending on the magnitude of the leak.
  • Any unusual odor. A liquid petroleum leak will be accompanied by a strong scent. Each liquid petroleum product has its own characteristic odor.

Disclaimer: This information is being made available as a public service to our community. The publishers of thie website cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and accept no responsibility for any consequence of its use.


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